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    Eugenlight Technologies is founded and devoted to develop high speed integrated optoelectronics products, with focus on integrated optical engines. The team possess rich and proven success experiences in sales/marketing, product development andengineering in fiber optics component industry...捕鱼达人怎么捕鱼

2017/05        Released 10G EPON OLT Tri-OSA

2017/08        Released 4X25G ROSA, Hybrid 10G/2.5G Combo PON OLT Quad-OSA

2017/09        Funded by Chengdu High-Tech Venture Capital and Private Equity VC获成都高投创投基金及私募投资

2017/10        ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

2017/11        Qualified by Global Nasdaq listed company as OSA vendor 通过海外Nasdaq上市公司认证, 成为合格供应商

2017/11        Released improved Combo PON OLT OSA, pioneering in industry to support D2 spec, SFP+ package OLT

2018/01        Released 4X25G Non-hermetical LanWDM TOSA

2018/06        Released 30km 1270/1310 and 1270/1330 BOSA for 5G application

2018/10        Released low cost COB CWDM4 optics, COB LanWDM optics

2018/11        Released 200G/400G SR optical engine

2019/01        Released COB LanWDM optics

2019/01        Closed A round funding and Started to expand integrated OSA capacity完成A轮融资, 启动混合集成光器件扩产

2019/02        Released 100G (4x25G) APD ROSA


2019-06-12          热烈祝贺成都光创联乔迁之喜







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电话:+86-28-85261977   传真:+86-28-85261977

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