Driven by the strong demand for bandwidth growth, optoelectronic devices / optical modules have been evolving to higher and higher speed over years. Especially, in recent years the fast-growing data center application calls for deployment of 40G/100G/200G/400G or even higher-speed connection. Higher speed operation poses serious performance challenges to optoelectronic devices/optical module in terms of density, power consumption, electromagnetic radiation interference, and also cost.


多年来,在光通信领域,受带宽增长需求的强烈驱动,光电器件/光模块产业一直在往高速率方向发展。特别是近年来数据中心的强劲发展, 40G/100G/200G/400G高速光模块的应用需求日益普及,用户对光电器件/光模块的密度尺寸、功耗、电磁辐射干扰性能及成本等提出了严峻挑战。


The one and only effective solution to these challenges is to develop optoelectronic integration technology。 The optoelectronic integration technology can deliver clear advantages as lower power consumption, better EMI performance, smaller size, lower cost, and more suitable for automatic mass production。 Several potential or promising optical integration technologies have been developed in pass decades, which can be categorized into Monolithic Integration, Hybrid Integration, and Silicon Photonics Integration by integration manner。         

解决这些问题的有效解决方案是发展光电集成技术。光电集成技术是高速光电器件演进的必由之路。光电集成器件具有功耗更低、抗辐射性能更强、尺寸更小、成本更低、更适合于自动化等方面具有明显优势。按集成的方式,近年来业内发展了单片集成(Monolithic Integration), 混合集成(Hybrid Integration), 以及硅光集成(Silicon Photonics)等几种集成技术。       


Based on our technology background and understanding of technology evolution in fiber optics component industry, Eugenlight Technologies choose to develop hybrid optoelectronic integration technology for high speed application, focusing on hybrid integrated optical component/engine products for board level and chip level optical integration. In associated applications, the hybrid optoelectronic integration scheme fully retains the best performance of the optical and the electrical components, minimizes the intermediate packaging processes, assures higher yield, and greatly reduces the cost of optical components and modules.




Our proprietary technology platform supports wide range of applications,  deliver competitive optics solutions for optical transport, data center, wireless access, as well as fiber access.



Multi-port TO-based Platform

 • Innovative integration design beyond traditional TO-based Optics捕鱼达人怎么捕鱼

 • Proprietary “Eugen-Pactive Process” to ensure reliable mass production 

 • Pioneering in compact, integrated, and multi-port OSAs of challenging specs

 • Products (include but not limited to): 

     • Compact Tri-OSA for SFP+ 10G EPON OLT

     • Integrated Quad-OSA for SFP+ hybrid GPON/XGPON OLT

     • 25G Bidi (10km, 30km) 

Box/Planar Platform

 • Planar multi-port integration 

 • Cooled TEC and built-in driver integrated in transmitter, built-in TIA in receiver捕鱼达人怎么捕鱼

 • Hermetical sealing to ensure high reliability

 • Products (include but not limited to): 

     • 100G(4X28G) LanWDM TOSA (DML, EML)

     • 100G(4X28G) LanWDM ROSA (PIN, APD)

     • 100G Cooled 4CWDM TOSA/ROSA

     • 200G/400G optics for OSFP/QSFP-DD

COB/OBO Platform

 • Board level hybrid optoelectronics integration: 捕鱼达人怎么捕鱼

     • Chip on board捕鱼达人怎么捕鱼

     • Optics on board

 • High performance in signal and power integrity

 • Low cost by eliminating surplus intermediary package 

 • Products (include but not limited to):

     • 100G SR4 (4X25G) optical engine

     • 200G (8X25G)/400G(8X50G) PAM4 SR8 optical engine

     • 400G (16X25G) / 800G(16X50G) PAM4 SR16 optical engine

     • 100G CWDM4/LanWDM optics

     • 100G CWDM4/LanWDM optical engine


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